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Editor’s Pick: Parks Canada Original Caps

27 years ago, Edmonton was struck by a F4 tornado that killed 27 people, injured over 300, and caused more than $332.27 million in damage. Inspired by the overwhelming community response to the disaster, former mayor Laurence Decore called Edmonton a “City of Champions.” Unfortunately, the slogan has lost its original meaning over time as many associated it with the local sport franchises. Few widely-known tributes exist, including a song by the Rural Alberta Advantage and a privately-grown memorial tree.”



I have a new short comic up over at Medium about the history of forced sterilization in Alberta, Canada. Read and recommend it here!

It’s because of people like this “feminist icon” that my auntie can and could never have kids of her own.


Birth Control and The D.J. - Edmonton, Alberta


Duplekita - Everywhere For You

Every so often there is a song that hits me and stays with me for awhile. This is a song that once I heard it for the first time, I knew I would listen to it ad nauseam. Everywhere For You begins as a simple and calm song with a catchy beat and hazy lyrics. Right around the 2 minute mark it grows to a grand spectacle of emotion and beauty. 

Duplekita is a collective based out of Edmonton, Canada. Their new album Sound of My Name is out now! 

Illustrating oven capacity in new electric stoves, Edmonton, 1949

Illustrating oven capacity in new electric stoves, Edmonton, 1949

"EDMONTON – After two fires in the span of nine months, the Bissell Centre Thrift Shoppe had lost everything.

“It’s been hard,” said spokesperson Devin Komarniski.

“We were just recovering from the first fire and getting our operations dialed in again. We are not only selling items there to create revenues to support the programs and services here in the inner city but also, it’s our sorting centre for free clothing here in the Community Closet that goes to those who are homeless who have nothing.”

More than 100,000 articles of clothing and household goods were destroyed, but Monday, the organization launched a two-week online campaign to #RestoreBissell.”


Wainwright ,  Alberta


July 23, 1914 – The Komagata Maru, chartered by Gurdit Singh Komagata Maru, is escorted out of Vancouver with 376 passengers. Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Komagata Maru steamed into Vancouver in May 1914. Its passengers, mostly Sikhs from Punjab, India and all British subjects, challenged Canada’s Continuous Journey clause, which was put in place in part to limit immigration from non-European countries. After two months under difficult conditions, the ship and most of its passengers were forced to return to India where, in a subsequent clash with British soldiers, 19 passengers died.” (via)