!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALITY SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the vein of Jersey Shore and Big Brother, NORTHSIDERS is a wild, racy, and unpredictable ‘social experiment’, as we throw a group of bona-fide ‘northsiders’ into a run-down house, make them live together for 13 weeks, and see if anyone survives with any dignity intact.

We’re looking for the following REAL Edmontonians to fill out our roster of NORTHSIDERS:

- The 18-29 year old oil-patch/construction/trades worker: this young male works up north in the oil industry OR locally in construction OR a trade. He may or may not have a high school education, but he makes over $100,000 a year. He can afford just about anything…and when he hits the clubs, look out.
- The 30-something oil-patch/construction/trade worker: late 30’s family man, loves classic rock & Ryan Smyth. Doesn’t go out much anymore, doesn’t have a lot of use for young people who waste their time working out & clubbing…or who think they ‘know it all’ even though they just started out in the industry.
- The Rocker Chick: she’s 30-45 years old, and this old-school rocker chick still loves a good night out with the girls.
- The Bar Star: this 18-25 year old female is all about the PARTY, loves to post naughty photos of herself on Facebook.
- The 40-something cougars (2-3) who ‘never grew up’: they may be in her mid-40’s…but they still party like they’re still in high school….even if it means partying ‘with’ high-schoolers.
- The 18-24 year old single mom: is: she just turned 20 and has a kid. She may be on social assistance, but don’t worry, she has plenty of cash left over to party every night!
- The 25-35 year old ‘biker-type’: he’s tough as nails and may or may not be into some shady dealings. Fancies himself a ladies man.