Droned vocals murmur disquietingly guileless anecdotes of discoveries of verity in dismal encounters. The desolate conveyance is contrasted by often times incandescent backgrounds, the foreground being the bleak discoveries, obscuring the luminous with a slap of presence. The present becomes ever more prominent, disguising pristine primitive acknowledgement of only future felicity and masking it beneath the obtrusive immediate. Old Friends is a collection of self described lo-fi synth pop songs by Happy Trends, the project of Dylan Khotin-Foote of Kumon Plaza. Old Friends is released via Orchid Tapes (the limited-cassette based label run by Warren of the brilliant Foxes in Fiction), both Dylan and Warren both being Canadian I presume it’s a given that the inserts for the tapes are color-coded according to NHL team colors. You can download the album (which might I add is a perfect introduction to the new year) at his bandcamp or directly buy one of 50 copies of limited cassettes from Dylan himself at


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“Eleven years ago, when I first started at The Journal, I covered about one local CD release party per month. Now, there’s usually one or two per WEEK, thanks to cheaper recording gear, the rise of indie labels, and the power of the Internet.”

Sandra Sperounes on music in Edmonton in 2010.

at risk of being repetitive, here’s a far better review of happy trendy from a far more reputable source.


Happy Trendy = Skinny Ghost


Well son of a bitch. Looks like our favorite Canadian kid wonder is at it again, but with a little different flavor. Dylan Khotin-Foote aka Kumon Plaza has departed from his 8-bit Gameboy wielding forte, and brought us something warmer, friendlier, and instantly comforting. The side project is Happy Trendy, and is everything a good side project should be. Distinct of Kumon Plaza, but not unrelated; and full of promise.

Go grab the two track digital 7” here.


HAPPY TRENDY is Edmonton’s Dylan Khotin-Foote, also known as Kumon Plaza. Check out his catchy Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-ish jamz over at bandcamp, where you can also download his Skinny Ghost ep.

Wow - theroadgoeseveron is on a real Edmonton tip today!

PremiereComa Cinema :: Her Sinking Sun (Kumon Plaza Remix)

Canada’s once 8-bit, electro-kraut guru, Dylan Khotin-Foote, has returned as Kumon Plaza with this remix of Coma Cinema’s “Her Sinking Sun.” It’s available for download at his bandcamp. Grab the original here

[Video by Kiss Kiss Fantastic’s Rachel Levy]