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heads up to mac demarco fans: this dude too

Another awesome ex-Edmontonian!

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Alex Calder-Suki and Me

While comparisons can be a good indication of what you’re about to hear I kind of feel like it can take away from the artists’ sense of individuality as well.  So with that being said, don’t confuse Mac DeMarco with Captured Tracks’ latest addition (and former Makeout Videotape member) Alex Calder. It’s evident from Calder’s debut single “Suki and Me” that there’s a certain nonchalant stupor about his music but even still, the track has a special way of grabbing a tight hold of the listener and surrounding them in a smoke filled haze that’s riddled with numbing reverb, vintage rock tendencies, and contorted psychedelia. With “Suki and Me”, things are looking quite promising for Alex Calder and because of that, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing his debut Time EP when it drops on March 26th. 

Another Edmonton ex-pat making amazing music!

"In the summer of 2008, Mac DeMarco finished high school in his hometown of Edmonton, promptly packed his bags and headed west to Vancouver. “I don’t really know why I came,” he laughs. “Edmonton’s just really cold.”…It seems fitting then that when young DeMarco came to Vancouver seeking the glorious West Coast summer, one of the first things he did upon arrival was to record a song called “Heat Wave!” That song became the title track of Makeout Videotape’s first release." [via]


Makeout Videotape - Deborah

yvynyl: Makeout Videotape - Future Boy

These enviously talented Vancouver boys make insanely infectious garage pop. I’m incredibly excited for the release of their first full length record.  Guitar and lead vocalist Mac DeMarco just sent me a copy, and I can tell you already that this will likely be one of my favorites of 2011.  Good vibrations just dripping off each and every note. This song is like taking something out of the Grizzly Bear catalog and playing it with retro surf riffs. Yes, it’s that good.

Look for Ying Yang LP on Unfamiliar Records in the next few months. And if you haven’t already - I highly recommend picking up the band’s first, noisier 7” (with 6-song download) Weird Meats