If Prime Minister Harper gets his way, the government will have more control over the CBC than its ever had in the CBC’s 80-year history. 

“Harper has attacked the CBC before, and this could be the first step towards controlling the actual programming of the CBC and Radio Canada. That’s why we need a massive outcry to stop him in his tracks now.

“Just imagine David Suzuki, Anna Maria Tremonti, Peter Mansbridge, Rick Mercer, Stuart McLean, George Stroumboulopoulos or programs like The National being controlled by Harper and his Cabinet.

“Sign our urgent petition to keep the CBC independent from government control.”


Tell the federal government that your health is a priority and that polluters must be held accountable for what they put into the air, water and land you depend on.

Tell the federal government to investigate and disclose the full impacts of oilsands pollution today.

We want thousands of Canadians to co-sign the letter. Will you?


In 2010, Vancouver became the first major city in Canada to achieve Fairtrade Town status, joining thirteen smaller Canadian cities and towns, and around 900 others worldwide. We would love to see Edmonton join this global movement, but we cannot do it alone. In order to achieve Fairtrade Town status, City Council must pass an ethical purchasing policy committing to use Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and sugar, and establish a committee to ensure continued support of Fairtrade principles and initiatives.

In Edmonton, a growing number of schools, faith groups, community organizations, stores and restaurants have already committed to using Fairtrade products. The Edmonton City Council will be taking a vote in January 2013 in regards to adopting Fairtrade and incorporating it into its procurement policy.

If you would like to see the City of Edmonton take the next step toward Fairtrade Town status, please fill out the petition (Link in the Title).

I encourage everyone who resides in Edmonton to sign this petition and help our city achieve a good addition to it’s sustainable initiatives. 


Most radio stations run contests for listeners to win concert tickets and electronics. Edmonton radio station 100.3FM The Bear is “giving away a wife.”

Partnering with a mail order bride company called A Volga Girl, The Bear is appealing to listeners “interested in potential holy matrimony with a hot foreign chick.”  They’re calling the contest “Win A Wife” and have received entries from some men who are seeking genuine companionship, but also others who desire little more than someone to be their sexual partner and maid…

Alberta’s immigration minister, Thomas Lukaszuk, has pulled his ministry’s ads from the station because of it. He said, “In some parts of the world where women make themselves available to be Internet brides or through international dating agencies … they very seldom have that choice. They are either coerced into that position by despairing economic circumstances or they are coaxed into it by illegal elements.”