TransCanada sells you Indigenous genocide with a smiling, happy white family 

yup seems about right 

This new TransCanada advertisment suggests that civil unrest in other parts of the world makes their oil less desirable while completely neglecting to mention the ongoing genocidal and ecocidal impacts of tar sands extraction.  After watching this video I am thoroughly convinced, rioting is the only solution.—- via source

Massive dinosaur fossil unearthed by Alberta pipeline crew

"A large dinosaur fossil has been found by a pipeline crew near Spirit River, Alta. The 10-metre-long fossilized skeleton was found Tuesday when a backhoe operator working on the Tourmaline Oil Corp. pipeline installation moved some earth, inadvertently breaking off a piece of the fossil.”

The best part about this is “Dave707’s” comment: Hmm, when I worked in Alberta they would bulldoze these into the ground so archaeologists wouldn’t shut down the job site. It’s a wonder they reported it.”

Roughneck Brewing’s Pipeline Lager, brewed in Calmar, Alberta.



This is a satire on the Northern Gateway oil pipeline by Dan Murphy, political cartoonist for a Vancouver BC newspaper. According to news reports, he is speaking out because he has been pressured to pull it, due to oil corporation Enbridge allegedly threatening to withdraw its advertising from the newspaper if he doesn’t.

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John Bennett, you are my hero - the bemused look on your face throughout this interview is priceless.


“Ethical Oil” CAN SIT THE FUCK DOWN. ALLLLLL THE WAY DOWN. This is pathetic. Seriously. When a CBC anchor can smell your bullshit, you know that’s fucking sad. And when she’s smiling, thinking she’s winning the debate by just yelling over people and refusing to answer… well, this is just embarrassing. You’d think she’d come up with a little more than the two sentences she repeats. I’m sure the big oil companies that fund “Ethical Oil” fired her ass like one second after they got off air. 

Harper ‘disappointed’ by Keystone pipeline delay: PM confident project will endure ‘because it makes eminent sense.’”

Can we please just fast forward to the part where we have an NDP majority gov’t in Canada?