27 years ago, Edmonton was struck by a F4 tornado that killed 27 people, injured over 300, and caused more than $332.27 million in damage. Inspired by the overwhelming community response to the disaster, former mayor Laurence Decore called Edmonton a “City of Champions.” Unfortunately, the slogan has lost its original meaning over time as many associated it with the local sport franchises. Few widely-known tributes exist, including a song by the Rural Alberta Advantage and a privately-grown memorial tree.”

A funnel cloud spotted on Pigeon Lake on Wednesday June 12, 2013, via


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So there’s a tornado warning. My mom took this pic of what the south side of Edmonton looks like.


Wreckage in front of the drug store after the tornado, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, July 8, 1927


Tornado approaching Canadian city. Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. July 8, 1927 (NOAA Photo Library).

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Guys, I have come across some disturbing evidence that the Edmonton Time Traveller may be a malevolent force. His face seems to appear in the Black Friday tornado of ‘87


Tornado 87 - Rural Alberta Advantage

Twenty-five years ago to the day. I was 12 and living in north Edmonton at the time. My friend and I caught the matinee showing of Superman IV at Londonderry Mall that day. The weather had been sunny and warm when we went into the theatre, but it was vicious by the time we came out. 

Later at home, we heard a tornado had been sighted, so my family went to the basement. We weren’t near the tornado’s path, but the wind was still strong enough to tear a large branch from the Mountain Ash tree in our front yard and scatter pink insulation all over our neighbourhood from the wreckage dozens of blocks away.

I was filling in on my friend’s Edmonton Journal route. The next day, the paper, usually a morning edition, didn’t get dropped off until 4 in the afternoon. The power at the Edmonton printing plant was still out and the paper had to be printed in Calgary.

The Rural Alberta Advantage respectfully captured a song about a day most Edmontonians still remember vividly. Last night, a funnel cloud was spotted in nearby Tofield and the week before Edmonton was under a tornado watch. It’s as if, despite all our arrogance and accomplishments, nature is reminding us who is in charge.

from “Trailer Trash” by David Berry and Josh Holinaty from “Trailer Trash” by David Berry and Josh Holinaty